PIVOTA by BaSys Overview

Pivota Hinge

A fully concealed hinge that gives clean lines and a seamless appearance

The PIVOTA® concealed hinge gives a seamless, almost invisible appearance in a wide range of applications and door types. They can be used on timber or metal doors and can carry door weights of up to 300kg. The hinges come in a number of different size options to suit various door thicknesses. PIVOTA® is made from Aluminum or Steel and is available in a number of finishes. There are anti-burglary and fire door options available.

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PIVOTA® Features & Benefits

Four knuckles for strength and security

The four knuckle joints precisely fit together to prevent twisting or tilting, even under high stress making the PIVOTA® an ideal choice for heavy doors.

Five Axes for maintenance free operation

The hinge has five axes and piston guides. These design features ensure long term, maintenance free operation.

High Quality machined construction

All PIVOTA® concealed hinges are engineered from solid aluminium, steel, or stainless steel, providing extra rigidity and enhanced performance of the whole door system.

Excellent product finshes

PIVOTA® hinges are available as satin nickel plated, simulated stainless steel, anodised aluminium. Other finishes on request to minimum quantities.

3 Way adjustment

PIVOTA® can be adjusted in all three directions without the need to remove or interfere with the door.

The clamping plates are designed to allow for precise door adjustment across the following planes:

  • Compression adjustment between door and frame seal
  • Variable height adjustment
  • Lateral plane adjustment
Suitable for fire doors

Many of the hinges within the PIVOTA® range are suitable for fire doors.

Anti-Burglary protection

Specific hinges within the range can be fitted with an anti-burglary protection device.