DUALWAY™ Anti-Barricade Door System Overview


The DUALWAY™ Anti - Barricade Door System, designed and manufactured by Cooke Brothers, one of the UK's leading architectural door hardware manufacturers, is a purpose made door solution designed specifically to address the needs of today's challenging mental health and custodial environments, where the risk of ligature or self harm are prevalent.

  • Unique Anti-Barricade two way Door System
  • Reduced ligature hinges and hardware
  • Outer frame dual hook bolt locking with emegency key release
  • Electronic inner frame locking options
  • Rebated inner frame in robust preformed steel section
  • Suitable for standard high security door locks and hardware

The DUALWAY™ Anti - Barricade Door System provides unrestricted and immediate access into a room in a situation where a patient has barricaded himself or herself in.

Features & Benefits

Complete dooret with preformed steel frame
  • Engineered specifically to prevent/reduce the risk of ligature and provide emergency access when required.
  • Provides patient privacy.
Two way release operation
  • Provideds a 'quick release' action in the event of an emergency.
Hinged frame within a frame
  • Allows door to be opened away from the obstacle or barricade.
Featureing Perko Powermatic concealed door closer
  • Adjustable closing speed and power latching action
  • Clean, aesthetic lines, avoides institutional appearance.
  • Reduces the risk of ligature.
Interleaf continuous hinge
  • Applies less concentrated stress to both door and frame.
  • Greater resilience to physical abuse.
  • Eliminates the need for double action floor springs therefore ideally suited to modern day floor slabs.

DUALWAY™ Operation Example

The illustration below gives a working operational example of the DUALWAY™ system.

DUALWAY Operation

Additional Information

Design & Application

DUALWAY Door Open In Standard Operation

In everyday use the standard inward opening door operates in a normal way, providing 105 to 115 degree access using a purpose designed full height Anti-ligature continuous hinge. The inner preformed steel frame provides rigid support and security by means of heavy duty purpose designed mechanical hook bolt locking, or with the option of an electrically operated locking system.

Principals and Operation

DUALWAY Door Closed

Suitable for either new build or for retrofit applications where individual doorsets are required within an existing facility. The DUALWAY™ system utilises a frame within a frame principal, allowing for a standard 44mm or 54mm door to be mounted within a secondary high security steel inner frame.

Barricade Release

dualway Barricade Release

In an emergency or barricaded door situation the door and inner frame can be quickly released enabling the complete doorset to swing outwards allowing immediate access into the room. Access is achieved by releasing the dual hook locks mortised into the outer frame and operated by unique security profile keys, or an electrically operated release mechanism.

Doorset and Frame Options

dualway Frame Options

The DUALWAY™ Anti-barricade system has been designed to suit the majority of standard 44mm and 54mm doorsets, including both FD30S and FD60S options where required. The DUALWAY™ system is adaptable to accommodate alternative door thicknesses subject to special order. The steel inner frame can be supplied in a range of standard finishes or with the choice of special options to suit specific requirements.

Security and Hardware

Various DUALWAY Hardware

Outer and inner frames are secured with two purpose designed heavy duty mortice hook bolts, which are supplied complete with anti-tamper escutcheons and dedicated security keys. Alternative electronic locking systems can be supplied subject to client specification. A wide range of matching Anti-Ligature door furniture and high security mortice locks are available to meet exacting specifications, or DUALWAY™ can be supplied ready to receive existing ironmongery.

Anti-Ligature Features

DUALWAY Interleaf Continuous Hinge

The DUALWAY™system incorporates unique interleaf continuous hinges (CDR*), which feature anti-ligature end tips and provide a minimal gap between the door and the frame. The full height continuous hinges provide even load distribution and substantially increased strength over pivoted doorsets, eliminating the potential for splitting under impact or during abuse. The DUALWAY™ system is designed for use with the concealed Perko Powermatic and other frame mounted door closing devices.

The DUALWAYTM Anti-Barricade Door System - World wide patents pending

Phoenix Interleaf Continuous Hinges are subject to Community Design Registration (CDR)