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Special Products

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Cooke Brothers has a long established reputation and history for the manufacture and supply of hinges for standard and bespoke applications, architectural and cabinet hardware, Shelf Support Systems, Plan Filing Systems and pressed metal components, both in the UK and abroad. Established in 1872, and taking its group name of Phoenix 1872 from its main product brand and founding year, Cooke Brothers offers high quality products, flexible manufacturing facilities and competitive prices and service.

This page gives a brief overview of our facilities and capabilities, should you require more detailed information what Cooke Brothers can do for you, visit our brochures page and download the Introductory Guide to Products and Engineering Services.

Cooke Brothers manufacturing facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
  • We manufacture Phoenix branded products and also specialist pressings and sheet metal products. We currently make pressed metal components for automotive, white goods and electrical equipment manufacturers.
  • Our production facilities cover the diversity necessary to meet a wide range of customer requirements. CNC production presses up to 200 tonne pressing capacity, modern secondary operation presses up to 100 tonnes capacity are available for lower volumes or complex shapes.
  • Clearly structured quality procedures form a vital part of every aspect of the company.
  • Our product development engineers work directly with customers to develop concepts in to working products.

laser punch press services
Laser Punch Press Services
  • Fast reliable service
  • Cost effective low volume production runs
  • Precision twin head laser profiling and punching


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specialised services
Specialised Services
  • Our comprehensively equipped product testing department operates all year round, 24 hours a day, ensuring that products supplied meet customers' requirements.
  • All types of finishes including plating, coating, polishing and powder based finishes are available. Our range includes anti-bacterial coatings and accelerated corrosion tested finishes for automotive products.
  • Our warehousing and despatch capabilities include several thousand stock product lines, next day delivery, national or international shipments.
  • Our in house combined laser cutting and punching facility provides tremendous flexibility to our customers. With high and low volume production capabilities we can competitively meet your product demands. Benefits of our laser punch press include small and even one off production batches, minimal or zero tooling costs and low piece prices.
  • With group subsidiary Phoenix Tooling & Development customers requiring products tooled will get the added benefits of a specialist pressings company and a specialist tooling company.

The Phoenix brand
The Phoenix Brand
  • Cooke Brothers was established in 1872 when the sons of William Cooke set up business in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, manufacturing brass cabinet fittings.
  • The company established the Phoenix brand over 100 years ago, when many of the products were cast from molten metal produced in open furnaces.
  • Today, over 130 years later, Cooke Brothers is a modern, UK based manufacturer known for high quality products, flexible manufacturing facilities and competitive products and service.
  • Now the Phoenix brand spans a greater product portfolio than at any time in the company's history. Phoenix products remain a core part of the company's activities.

Phoenix brand products
Phoenix Brand Products

The Phoenix 1872 Group of companies is responsible for producing a wide and diverse range of products. Our manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance have enabled us to grow our choice of products to the varied range we have today.
  • Cooke Brothers is a leading manufacturer of architectural hinges. There are now 7 complete ranges of Phoenix Architectural Hinges, designed to cover all applications, from low usage lightweight doors through to high load, busy environment doorsets.
  • The Phoenix continuous hinge range is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace, ranging from 0.7mm thick for light cabinet use to 5mm thick heavy duty hinges for blast proof doors.
  • Architectural hardware is a steadily expanding area of the Phoenix product range. Products produced cover Signage, Access, Safety, Security and Door Protection.
  • Our range of Cabinet Hardware encompasses the core product requirements of the cabinet, shop fitting, and joinery industries, including shelf support systems, light duty butt, fancy, and continuous hinges and general cabinet hardware.
  • The Normid Simplifile range of vertical plan filing systems is produced and sold
    within the Phoenix 1872 Group. The system provides high density plan and drawing storage, complemented by easy filing. For more information on Normid Simplifile,