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phoenix architectural hinges
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continuous hinges
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Phoenix architectural hinges -
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architectural hinges
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The Phoenix Architectural Hinge range, exists as a suite of seven different products. The entire range is designed as a comprehensive set of products, designed to meet the needs of most specifiers.

However it may be necessary or beneficial, for the application to require a more unusual hinge with special characteristics. There are many options open to the specifier, should something more unusual be required. This page gives a brief overview of the options available, should you require more detailed information on the range of special options, visit our brochures page and download the Special Options Guide.

Safety and Security Hinges and Accessories
Safety and Security Hinges and Accessories
  • Anti-ligature or Institution Hinges
  • Hinge Cover Plates
  • Security Dog Bolted Hinges
  • Security Welded Hinges
  • Security Pinned Hinges
  • Electrical Conductor Hinges
  • DigitSafe Hinge Guard
  • Security Fasteners

Hinges for Special Applications
Hinges for Special Applications
  • Projection and Parliament Hinges
  • Fire Door Hinge Sets
  • Flush Hinges
  • Swing Clear Hinges
  • Glass Door Hinges
  • Rising and Falling Hinges
  • 'Routed' design factory fit Lift Off Hinges
  • Continuous Hinges for architectural ironmongery use

Hinges for Bespoke Applications
Hinges for Bespoke Applications
  • Cranked and Odd Leaf Hinges
  • Special Joggle and Offset Leaf Hinges
  • Profiled Hinges for uPVC and composite sections
  • Storm Proof Hinges
  • Twin Pin Lift Off Hinges
  • Loose Pin Hinges
  • Journal Supported Hinges
  • Decorative Finial Hinges
  • Custom Designed Hinges

Special Materials and Finishes
Special Materials and Finishes
  • Solid Brass Hinges
  • Special Finishes
  • Anti-microbial Finishes
  • Custom Engraved Hinges
  • Customised Packaging