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Phoenix architectural hinges -
shrouded bearing hinges
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Shrouded Bearing Hinges

Shrouded Bearing Hinges are available in several variants, please click on the code numbers in the menu on the right to view detailed information on each product variant within this range.

variants: 7230 7235 7240 7255 7256
7265 7266 7275 7276

Shrouded Bearing Hinge
Code 7200 SB Range
  • Shrouded bearing design
  • Available in mild steel and
    stainless steel
  • 3 hinge widths available
  • Integrated high performance bearings
  • Maintenance free low friction design
  • Tested to EN1935 : 2002
    Grades 11 - 13
  • CE Marked (fixed pin only) *
  • Certifire approved *
  • Holes countersunk to suit
    No 10 w/screws, M5 m/c screws
  • Full range of options and
    finishes available
  • 25 year guarantee *
The Phoenix 7200 Shrouded Bearing (SB) Range utilizes advanced polymer bushes to provide a totally maintenance free, low friction hinge.

Available in 3 hinge widths in both fixed pin and lift-off variants. The 7200 SB series offers the specifier an extensive range of options to suit every door application.

All hinge options have been tested to EN1935 : 2002 and are Certifire approved and come with a 25 year guarantee. *

* - Conductor, anti-ligature and lift-off hinge variants of 7200SB range are not currently approved to CE and Certifire standards - please contact our Sales Department for further information.
  - Limited guarantee subject to correct use and maximum cycles - please contact our Sales Department for further information.

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Shrouded Bearing Hinges