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Phoenix Architectural Hinges have been designed as a comprehensive suite of products to meet a wide variety of demands, ranging from low cost, low usage, lightweight door applications, through to high door weight, high usage, minimal maintenance installations.

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This page is a brief guide on how to choose the correct hinge for your application. We have broken down hinge specification into seven simple steps. After following the seven step process, you should then refer to our hinge selection chart which can be linked to in PDF format further down this page.

Some building projects may require certain building standards to be complied with, or more complex technical aspects than usual to be considered. In this case you should refer to our Product Selection Guide, which can be found on our brochures page and downloaded in PDF format. The Product Selection Guide is a far more detailed version of this page that can answer all your questions as a specifier.

Here is the seven step process to specifying hinges, in brief.

Step   Step 1 Doorset Dynamics

Confirm that single axis hinges, as they are correctly called, are the preferred solution.

Step   Step 2 Establish the Hinge Performance requirements
  • Calculate Door Mass
  • Check the effect of a door closer
  • Measure the door dimensions - is it oversize?
  • Estimate the annual usage

Step   Step 3 Certification and Performance Requirements

Ensure the Hinge specified meets the performance criteria of either the customer or building regulations - obtain copies of all certification to be sure.

Step   Step 4 Choose the hinge model

Determine which hinge from the Phoenix Range of Architectural Hinges meets your requirements.

Step   Step 5 Select additional Features

These include fixed or lift off variants, fixing hole patterns, hinge widths and square or Radiused corners - these are all standard options on many of our hinge ranges.

Other items to check would be security or safety features such as Hinge Security Bolts for certain applications or Anti-Ligature Hinges, etc.

Step   Step 6 Material & Finish

Establish the material the hinge should be made from and what finish is required, in order to compliment other items of Ironmongery on the doorset.

Step   Step 7 Order Requirements

Place your order based upon your preferred choice of hinge, or contact one of sales staff who will gladly assist in the selection of hinge for your application.

Detailed Information can be found throughout this website to assist you in selecting
the correct hinge.

click here to open the hinge selection chart in PDF format You may also find our hinge selection chart useful when specifying hinges. The hinge selection chart details every hinge in the Phoenix Architectural Hinges range with full details for each hinge including recommended door usage, fire rating and corrosion resistance, and also details about each hinge such as base material and finish options. Click here to open the hinge selection chart in PDF format.

click here to download Adobe PDF Reader If your computer is not already set up to read PDF files, you can download the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader by clicking here