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As part of BS EN 1935:2002 there are currently 14 Grades which are tested, this covers hinges for both windows and doors. The weights currently tested range from 10Kg right through to 160Kg, with up to a maximum of 200,000 test cycles.

The table below details the current test requirements.

Hinge Grade Usage Test Cycles Door Mass
1 Window 10,000 10Kg
2 Window 10,000 20Kg
3 Window / Door 25,000 20Kg
4 Door 200,000 20Kg
5 Window 10,000 40Kg
6 Window / Door 25,000 40Kg
7 Door 200,000 40Kg
8 Window 10,000 60Kg
9 Window / Door 25,000 60Kg
10 Door 200,000 60Kg
11 Door 200,000 80Kg
12 Door 200,000 100Kg
13 Door 200,000 120Kg
14 Door 200,000 160Kg

Please Note: BS EN1935:2002 is likely, over the next two years, to be updated to include testing for door test masses of 200Kg and over 250Kg. This will also for the first time include continuous hinges, which are increasingly being specified on Security Door applications.

Cooke Brothers are currently developing additional ranges to meet these new standards and testing our range of security continuous hinges to ensure they comply with the latest legislation.