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Tim, Philip and David Cooke at the Cooke Brothers factory in Aldridge, Walsall

The latest news from Cooke Brothers and the architectural ironmongery industry in general is detailed on this page. Cooke Brothers produce regular articles for trade publications, all of which you can find on this page. Just click on the articles in the list below to read the full news articles

Title of News Article Date added to website
Cooke Brothers Ltd Reaches Gold Standards July 2015
Shelving Lite, the new low cost shelving system
from Cooke Brothers
September 2014
Cooke Brothers introduces the latest DX80 fully concealed
Pivota hinge
September 2014
Combat Doors Specifies Interleaf Hinges from Cooke Brothers June 2014
DUALWAY™ Demonstration Video May 2014
Cooke Brothers Invests in the Latest Laser Technology January 2014
Anti-Ligature Interleaf Hinges from Phoenix November 2013
Pivota - Fully Concealed 3-D Hinges July 2013
Commercial Letterplates from Cooke Brothers February 2013
Power To The Door July 2012
Closing The Gap With The New Phoenix Interleaf Hinges February 2012
It's a Cover up in Concealed Bearing Hinges November 2011
Cooke Brothers Introduces Fully Concealed 3-D Hinges August 2011
Phoenix Designer Handles and Portholes January 2011
Phoenix Continuous Hinges Set New Standards August 2010
Phoenix Brand Hinges, the Celebrity Choice June 2010
Hafele and Cooke Brothers Link up for Malawi Charity May 2010
Battersea Project Builder Chooses Fusion Hinges
By Cooke Brothers
February 2010
Training Investment succeeds at Cooke Brothers September 2009
Laser Punch Press Services October 2009
CE Markings - the difference between life and death. An article
from Architectural Ironmongery Journal.
November 2008
Pennywise, pound foolish - Counting the true cost of under specification. An article from Architectural Ironmongery Journal. November 2008
Offering the very best of British. An article from Architectural Ironmongery Journal. November 2008
The Cream of the crop. An article from Constructor Magazine. November 2008