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product range butt hinges extruded brass butt hinges decorative cabinet hinges lift-off hinges screen hinges presentation case hinges glass plates "D" handles continuous hinges about cabinet fittings materials & finishes
Product Range

Cooke Brothers has built up a reputation for supplying quality cabinet hardware, used throughout the joinery industry and cabinet trade. We have a comprehensive range of cabinet hardware in various finishes and styles, suitable for many uses from traditional joinery to more modern and functional applications.

Our cabinet hardware range is shown briefly below, with more info on separate pages about each individual product.

butt hinges Butt Hinges

A range of good quality Plain Butt Hinges suitable for use on cupboard doors to medium weight, low usage personnel doors.

extruded brass butt hinges Extruded Brass Butt Hinges

High quality range of Extruded Brass Butt Hinges, suitable for use on cabinet doors and lightweight flush doors and windows.

decorative cabinet hinges Decorative Cabinet Hinges

The H Hinge, the Fancy Backflap Hinge, the Butterfly Hinge and the Flat Cabinet Hinge are all surface fitting decorative hinges which enhance the presentation of any cabinet.

lift-off hinges Lift-off Hinges

Cabinet Lift-off Hinges are available in left and right handed versions, and in flat or cranked styles to suit differing cabinet designs.

screen hinges Screen Hinges

These cleverly designed Screen Hinges have the ability to pivot a panel through a full 360 degrees. Very popular for a variety of uses.

presentation case hinges Presentation Case Hinges

Quantrant Hinges with a built in stay can be fitted to the inside of 90 degree opening boxes, whilst Strap Hinges can be rebated in a similar position for full 180 degree opening.

glass plates Glass Plates

Glass Plates provide a secure method of fixing picture frames and lightweight cupboards to walls.

"D" handles "D" Handles

A traditional and very practical design of handle in aluminium. Suitable for a wide variety of commercial and home uses.

continuous hinges Continuous Hinges

Continuous Hinges provide a high quality solution to the hinging of any lid or door. No rebating is required, with hinges being surface fitted to both door and frame.

cabinet fittings brochure Cabinet Fittings Brochure

Click here to view the High Performance Cabinet Fittings brochure. For over 100 years Cooke Brothers has been manufacturing cabinet hinges, handles and fittings in classic and contemporary styles.

cabinet hinges and fittings brochure Cabinet Hinges and Fittings Brochure

Click here to view the Cabinet Hinges and Fittings brochure. This contains details of our range of cabinet hardware which is used throughout the joinery industry and cabinet trade.