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About Cabinet Fittings
Phoenix continuous hinges

This section of the website contains details of our range of cabinet hardware which is used throughout the joinery industry and cabinet trade. Cooke Brothers has built up a reputation for supplying quality cabinet hardware.

From lightweight cabinet hinges through to our comprehensive range of continuous hinges Cooke Brothers can offer the correct style hinge to suit your application.

Imperial and Metric Sizes

All products within the cabinet fittings range have details of both metric and imperial sizes. Sizing is shown predomiantly in metric measurements, should you require full details of imperial sizing, please contact Cooke Brothers Main Sales Office for a full product spec.

Dimensional Information

Each product within the range of cabinet fittings has its specifications shown in a table of data. Within each table of data are used certain symbols to represent information. For your reference, all symbols used throughout this setion of the website are shown below with a key to explain what each symbol means.

Length or Height  = Length or Height Width  = Width Material Thickness  = Material Thickness
Fixing Centres (relates to handles and continuous hinges)  = Fixing Centres
     (relates to
     handles and
     continuous hinges)
Handle Depth (relates to handles)  = Handle Depth
     (relates to handles)
Hole Diameter (relates to fixing hole in handles and continuous hinges)  = Hole Diameter
     (relates to fixing hole
     in handles and
     continuous hinges)

Fully dimensioned drawings of individual products showing fixing hole positions and rebate depth are available if required.

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Cabinet Hinges and Fittings